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Monday, December 9, 2013

Dr.Michelle Golland...Hollywood's Bad Ass Shrink Is In!

The Fabulous Dr.Michelle Golland
Dr. Michelle Golland first came to my attention while watching last season of Shahs of Sunset on Bravo TV.  Dr. Michelle is cast member Mercedes Javid's therapist and MJ, as she is known,  bravely chose to let cameras in to her sessions with Dr. Michelle " Hollywood's Bad Ass Shrink".  Dr. Michelle was a force to be reckoned with and in a few short minutes of air time she managed to steal the show so to speak leaving viewers wondering who exactly this beautiful doctor with the punk rock edge was...myself included. I googled Dr. Michelle Golland and I found an impressive resume which included a stint on Logo TV's Felt,  Good Morning America, Larry King Live,  The Nancy Grace Show, Dr Drew on Call and Piers Morgan Live ( just to name a few ) and an  author of a relationship book ( The Love Matrix )  ...needless to say I needed to know more! I started following her on Twitter and she followed back and we started to interact much to my excitement. I though she had a great personality and I was anxious to learn more about her. I invited her to be a guest a weekly show that I am a part of,  The Gina Show starring Gina Cutillo on,  and she was more than happy to oblige! Dr. Michelle  gave Gina and her viewers  a very candid,  open and fun interview!  Below Dr.Michelle took the time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of my questions and give my readers further insight into who she is and what she does. As you will read for yourself Dr.Michelle Golland is a passionate, smart, fun and real woman who doesn't pull any punches and can back up her advice with not only credentials but life experience , knowledge and compassion! I found her to be a breathe of fresh air and even though she lives a life that many would consider to be glamorous she remains humble ... in my opinion that makes her more fabulous to know and  that's the way I see it ! Xx Billy Charles

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Cypress in Orange County, California.   It is classic suburbia with 1970’s track-homes built over orange groves and strawberry fields.  It is not too far from Huntington Beach, CA which where a spent a lot of time at life-guard stand number 3.

What's your nationality?
My father has some Portuguese in his family while my mom has a mixture of Irish from her dad and native American from her mother.  

What was your childhood/family life like?
I am the youngest of three girls.  My mom was your typical stay at home mom whose life was centered on her girls and creating a good solid home life.  My dad worked hard and was successful as a cabinet maker in the housing boom of the 70’s and 80’s.  We were a loud bunch for sure!  I like to say in our home we were all chiefs and no little Indians!  Lots of love and at times a lot of strife but I think for me growing up in my family and fighting to have a voice as the youngest girl has created the very loud and bold woman I am today.  Softball was a huge part of our family and my dad instilled in us team work.  You show up and play hard.  My parents instilled in me a sense of community coupled with compassion and a healthy dose of competitiveness to make sure you get done what you set out to do whether in play, work or life in general.

What did you think you wanted to be when you grow up and how did you end up in your current profession?
Growing up I knew I wanted to do something “helpful”  I don’t even think I had a sense of what that meant.  I have always been a BIG personality and had the ability to bring people together even as a young child.  I was pretty fearless and was always able to speak my mind even if maybe I “shouldn't have” so at different times I thought about being a lawyer or even a politician.  In college I studied political science and psychology.  That is why even in my work in the media I am inherently political and passionate about my liberal political beliefs. 

How did you become a therapist to the stars? 
In my Clinical therapy practice clients come to me by word of mouth.  People do not come to me because I am in the media but I think I am in media because of how I am in my chair with clients.  What you see on TV is what my clients experience across from me in my office.  I am a no bull-shit straight shooter and tenaciously fight for the goodness of my clients even when they are unable to do it themselves.  I believe that is why I have high-profile clients because many of them become surrounded by “yes” people and I am certainly not invested in them like others who are in their lives.  What I am invested in is THEM as a human, a spirit, a person struggling to live better, love better and to feel peace and connectedness.  That is what I see as my role in my clients lives whether they are “celebrities” or not.

Please tell my readers how you earned the nick name " Hollywood's Bad Ass Shrink?"
I giggle just a bit when I see myself referred to Hollywood’s Bad Ass Shrink because it really is connected to a high school nickname which is Mad Dog.  The Bad Ass or Mad Dog part of me is truly an energy that I carry within my soul.  She is a tenacious protector of self and others.  She emerged from being bullied and being unable to watch another person suffer while in my presence if there is something or anything I can do to be of help I will step in and intervene.  It really comes down to being fearless and brave whether in my actions or in my word, I believe that is pretty bad ass.  The Hollywood part is that I don’t care how much money you make or if your a head of a studio or you that you wrote an academy award winning script if I think you are messing up your life I will call your Bull Shit out.

Whose idea was it to televise Mercedes Javid's  sessions with you on  Bravo TV's The Shahs Of Sunset ?
My work with MJ began with her phoning me directly and wanting to work on herself and her relationship with her mom.  This was not producer planned TV at all.  What you see on The Shahs is true therapy work.  Those 4 minutes took 2 hours to shoot.  There was much more in those sessions than what you see on the show.  I am honored that my clients, like MJ, who I work with on TV are brave enough to share themselves in such a vulnerable manner and trust me enough to guide them in a public forum. MJ’s mom was incredible to me in her ability to show up and be open and honest about truly painful personal issues.  As a mom I know facing your child in pain can be the most gut-wrenching process ever experienced especially if you yourself are the cause of that pain.

Has that opened any new doors for you?
My work on the Shahs of Sunset has allowed me to show a young demographic what therapy can be and how change can be created in your life which is important for me as a psychologist.  In the media people definitely recognize me as MJ’s Therapist and they often follow that up with that they LOVE MJ!  Which I of course tell them how much I LOVE her as well.   My media career has definitely been helped by being on The Shahs of Sunset.

What advice that you usually give to your clients is sometimes hardest for you to follow?
My biggest issue is creating balance between work and family.  That is my personal struggle.  I love my husband and kids and get such joy and peace and love from those relationships but I simply feel so blessed to have my career and I truly enjoy working with my clients and working in the media.  It is tough but I keep struggling to create the balance that is needed to live deeply and fully in both parts of my worlds.  I like to say I am a recovering perfectionist so I assume it will never be perfectly balanced.

I have been with my partner Scott for 13 years and I always tell people the most important things to work on for us has been communication, compromise and making sex a priority ( even if it means planning it) what advice would you give couples trying for longevity ( which is harder and harder theses days ) ?
For my couples clients the hardest thing for them to do is to be MORE EMPATHIC to their partner.  Oh and also to SHUT UP!  What I mean by that is sometimes we should not say what we are thinking just because we are thinking it...   The idea I need to say everything crap because then I am being authentic is just that... Crap.  We may not be thinking good things or helpful things so than you need to be quiet and be able to check yourself before you speak.

Also, especially when you have kids many couples think the kids become the most important thing and they lose focus on their love relationship.  Sex and intimacy is a critical piece of any relationship and must be tended to like other areas.  It can be an indicator for some couples of other areas being off and needing attention.  In long relationships it is critical to remember there is an ebb and flow in our sexuality and to be curious rather than judgmental around sex or ones libido with yourself and your partner

Are you in to astrology and if so what ways are you like your sign ?
I do enjoy astrology!  I am totally and completely a LEO.  I am a lioness for sure...  I am fiery and fierce but if I give you my belly and you rub I will pure like a kitten.   My husband is also a Leo... I will say it is a very passionate and at times a lot of roaring in our house!

Dr.Michelle and her gorgeous family!
Family is what matters most to Dr.Michelle!

What are a few of your passions/hobbies?
I am passionate about  the issues of teen pregnancy and bullying.  I believe in our country we deal with teen pregnancy and sexuality through the political lens when the issue is really a public health issue.  Don’t get me started!  Can you feel my passion!?  Mad dog comes out quickly around this issue!
In my down-time I enjoy just hanging out with my kids playing wii, watching movies and just being together.  I love watching my son at his Tai Kwon Doe classes and see my daughter sing and perform in musicals.  My husband and I love to go out to dinner and o clubs to dance or listen to music.  On my own I love to do yoga and write.  Both writing and yoga give me a sense of grounding and peace in a crazy, wonderfully chaotic life.

What is your home life like away from the cameras and what would be your perfect day off?  
My perfect day off would be sleeping in until 9am and never getting out of my pj’s and first alone staying in bed watching bad TV that is sooo good like the Real House Wives, Snapped or Love it or List it on HGTV.   A little later that day my husband and kids would climb in bed and we would all be in our PJ’s and watch movie after movie.  One day we watched the entire Star Wars series back to back while each of us napped on and off.  THE BEST!

Please give my readers 5 of your Turn ons/offs

Turn Ons

  1. My husband Michael Golland
  2. Rap and Hip Hop Music – especially the 90’s
  3. Bravery
  4. Trapp Candle #18
  5. A really cold beer

Turn Offs

  1. Being fake or not owning your sh*t
  2. Bullying
  3. laziness
  4. burning incense
  5. ginger on sushi

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