Monday, March 31, 2014

Quick and Easy Parmesan Asparagus Quiche!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I have posted a cooking blog so I thought I would share my recipe for a quick and easy delicious Asparagus Parmesan Quiche! Not only is this recipe fast to make it is also vegan and can be served as a main course or as a  side dish. You can also double the recipe for a larger pan! Please give it a try and share your thoughts with me on this blog in the comments...who knows maybe I will post my recipes more often! Until next time !
 Mangia! Xx Billy Charles

What you will need to prepare: 
A medium sized bowl , a whisk, a cup for liquid measure, a 9x9 glass baking dish.

An 8 oz bag of steam fresh asparagus ( or fresh your choice ) prepared to instructions.
Grated and shredded Parmesan cheese, cracked black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder , a cup and 1/2 of milk, 6 eggs and butter.

You will first cook the asparagus. I highly recommend the steam fresh as it is delicious and a time saver! Once it is cooked you will remove it from the bag and place it in the 9x9 glass baking dish. You will then cut it up in bite size pieces and coat with a few tablespoons of butter and cover with the shaved Parmesan cheese mix and then set it a side.

Next you will whisk together eggs , milk and a cup of grated Parmesan cheese in your bowl and season with the spices to taste... how much or how little is up to you! When the mixture  it is nice and blended ( don't beat make sure and whisk ) you will dump it  in your coated asparagus from the glass dish and gently mix. When it is all mixed together pour the mixture back into the 9x9 glass baking dish and bake for a 1/2 hour on 350... or until it is fully cooked and the top is golden brown ( an inserted fork should come out clean).

Mangia! You will have a quick and easy Asparagus Parmesan Quiche that is sure to be a real crowd pleaser!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Gina Cutillo... Behind The Music!

Gina Cutillo is getting ready for world domination! Already a well established  singer, songwriter and recording artist  ( resume includes songs on Nickelodeon, MLB baseball, FOOD Network and Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network just to name a few ) she has recently decided to add television host to her list of titles. Gina is currently starring in a weekly entertainment show named after herself  which is airing live weekly on make no mistake she is still all about the music! Now more than ever! Getting ready to release a new album and  also having recently taken on the role of wife and new mother,  Gina has redefined herself and what her artistry means to her...  through the joy that this new challenge has brought to her life ( and career )  there have also been some growing pains along the way . Gina however takes them in stride and knows that life isn't always roses and daisies. Gina tells me that its in these times we can learn and evolve which she has done seemingly effortlessly. It's in these peaks and valleys that Gina was able to channel her triumphs and tribulations into her writing.
 Gina's magnetism is undeniable and this comes through in her performances be it in concert or while hosting her show. Gina possesses a sharp wit and is natural funny in an organic way which isn't easy to come by these days. There is also her artistic side which comes through in an array of emotions conveyed in her writing as well as  in the way she sings her songs. Recently I had the privilege  to go " Behind The Music"  picking  her sexy brain to ask the questions that many of her fans want the answers to! 
So " Let's Go! " ... kick back and relax getting to know Gina Cutillo the way I see it Xx Billy Charles 

" Behind The Scenes" on a Gina Cutillo and co photo shoot !

BC: I hear your working on a new album... what is the vibe with the sound? Is there a title yet that you can share with my readers? 

GC: The vibe is sexy. Its also fun and artistic at times. There's one song that will be on the album called "Pop Hysteria" that I fully wrote over a beat box. Very artistic and fun. I wasn't worried about creating huge hooks and big choruses. Funny thing it's super hooky and super catchy!!! I don't have a title yet. But the running joke is "Gina Cutillo at 128 BPM" a few songs are set in 128 BPM (beats per measure) - but I will name the album when all the songs are completed. I like the album title to encompass the overall statement of my songs. 

BC: How will the new songs be different from your previous recordings? 

GC: Well I'm in a different place in my life so that will always be portrayed in my music. I almost want to say more reflective so far. Tempos are a little slower on some.  As for the writing process I started with researching and choosing some really interesting synth sounds influenced from Sweden. I also did some lyric writing first too on a couple which is very unlike my process. 

BC: How has being a mother influenced your writing or you as an artist? 

Gina and her son Cole

GC: Becoming a mother is something that changes and rocks your world like no other. Nothing can prepare you for this type of change. So at first I wasn't even writing too busy having late night feeding sessions with the little guy. Lol But then it all just sorta " bursted " bursted out! I also think this is where the reflective part of my current songs are coming from. You think harder as a mother which has made me love harder as a person. 

BC: What are some new goals that you would like to achieve regarding your career? 

GC: My goals have always been the same. #1 hit. Grammy. World Tour. These types of goals will drive you to success every time. And insanity.. ;) 

BC: Who are you digging right now on today's music scene? 

GC: I'm a huge lover of music. I'm always listening to pop radio. I like to hear what's happening and I have always loved nice commercial sing along songs. I'm also digging into my archives listening to some Sheryl Crow, Oasis and Goldfrapp lately. 
Ellie Goulding is super special and talented, I'm enjoying her a lot. 

Gina with her long time friend and guitarist Ron Labriola

BC: What advice would today's Gina Cutillo give a younger Gina just starting out? 

GC: Don't be so stubborn! Yes Billy I was more stubborn in the past then I am now. Lol Also let go of things that aren't working a lot quicker. 

BC: Describe your creative process and the way you write...

GC: Hmm... usually I feel this jolt of inspiration like the song is already there inside and has decided this is the day it's coming out. Something like going into labor. I run to my MAC open up a protools session and start recording. Sometimes I will write a beat 1st or as I said lately it's been a synth part then start singing away to a melody that just comes out. I will then break out my guitar so on and so forth. Come to think of it - it's very similar to birth minus the intense pains.  haha unless you delete a whole writing session like I did once. Which left me on the floor curled up crying like a baby... yea that was painful. 

BC: What are some  of the things that inspire you in your creative process? 

GC: People I'm surrounded by. The love I'm feeling for someone. The experiences I have had and am having. Music on the radio. 

Craig, Cole and Gina

Gina and her husband Craig

BC: What is an average day like for you? 

GC: A whirlwind of very different events. I go from feeding my son breakfast to answering business calls to showing my son how to play with puzzles to my laptop with a new song I'm working on. Sometimes it's very busy but I choose for it to be. I do take down time too, it's very necessary. 

BC: If you had a dream vacation what would you be doing and where would you go? 

GC: I take dream vacations haha - My husband and I love to travel and have been to many Caribbean Islands. St Lucia was my favorite. We also have been to Belize, the Mayan Ruins were amazing. My other favorite outside of Caribbean was England. It's been a couple of years since we have had a proper vacation so this December we are going away. The baby will be almost 3 so we are ready to show him the beauty of blue waters and white sand. I'd like to go to Hawaii. And of course Italy is a must! 

Gina Cutillo and the men behind the music her band...

BC:Tell my readers what's coming up next for Gina Cutillo.... 

GC: I will be releasing my next single "Fly (Feel Love Tonight)" which will coincide with a video that I am shooting as we speak. This song is a #1 hit. I sing it and tear up almost every time.  I'm also performing at some festivals this summer with my band: Ron Labriola, Zeke Zuclich and John Von on May 3rd Popfest at Dewey Beach, DE. Also playing Jersey Shore Festival May 17th and several others so be sure to hit up for more updates!

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Heather Marianna Announces Monthly Beauty Box Subscritption From Beauty Kitchen!

Announcing Beauty Box by Beauty Kitchen!

Heather Marianna creator of Beauty Kitchen all natural beauty and spa products has introduced a new way to get your Beauty Kitchen fix! You can now sign up to receive a monthly shipment right to your door for only 23.95! The boxes are filled with full sized products and no two boxes will be the same ...however with Heather Marianna anything is possible so just ask! The box I received was filled with all kinds of goodies including lavender sugar scrub, chocolate body butter, a scented organic soap and the new clay mask inspired by Heather's recent trip to Sedona retails for 13.95 alone! Also when you subscribe, which can be canceled at anytime, you will become a Beauty Kitchen VIP and have access to Heather's VIP code on all re-orders! All Beauty Boxes come with full product descriptions and instructions for you Beauty Kitchen newbies. Once you see how amazing these products work and how awesome they smell you will be hooked! There are so many different Beauty Kitchen creations  from cellulite scrubs and soaks to bath bombs and even soap paints for kids! You really have to visit Heather's site to see her full and ever expanding line!

In other exciting Beauty Kitchen news ...Beauty Kitchen has been selected to make an exclusive soap for The Cannes Film Festival 2014 that will be in all the celebrity's swag bags! Heather is including this amazing new soap in all April Beauty Boxes so be sure and sign up! 

Heather is also traveling the globe this year and is embarking on a trip to Thailand soon to bring you more beauty secrets from around the world for a fraction of a price! 

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills... Drama Table of 7

Wow! This season of  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo TV has definitely not disappointed!
The season started off with the introduction of two new cast members... actress , model and former Miss Puerto Rico Joyce Giraud de Ohoven , who is married to movie director Michael Ohoven,  and Carlton Gebbia who is a former actress, mother as well as a  practicing Wiccan. There has been countless mixed reviews on both new additions and the temperature amongst fans of the show  and on social media  has been they either equally love or hate the new ladies . There has already been  talk of rumors that Bravo will be firing them after this season and a loss in ratings but in my opinion this has been one of the best seasons yet due to the cast shake up. I especially loved watching Joyce who absolutely  brought her A game to The Hills hosting two trips and several fun events while Carlton's risque behavior and crass language were often lost in translation. Right out of the gate the topic of Carlton's religion, Wicca, came up and the ladies in the group were interested to learn more about the it. Kyle Richards, cast veteran, asked a few questions that Carlton felt were contrived ( although seemingly innocent and expected )  and the disastrous relationship between the two began almost immediately....and still remains strained after countless attempts from Kyle to make amends. Also Joyce and cast member Brandi Glanville's relationship took a turn for the worse after Joyce tells Lisa certain things that Brandi said about her that Brandi felt were in confidence as well as taken out of context. The theme of the season was Brandi going after Joyce and Joyce defending herself while Carlton and Kyle couldn't seem to get on the same page because anything  Kyle did offended and annoyed Carlton. Many fans including myself  were left wondering what the real reason behind Carlton's dismay with Kyle was  due to the fact that she tolerated and was accepting of all the other ladies who asked the same type of questions ...
Needless to say the drama and tensions this season were high. Spotlighted in the story line of this season's drama was the demise of  Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glannville's once close friendship ...former bffs last season we saw their relationship deteriorate with each passing week. Brandi launched another successful book and Lisa was burning the candle on both ends with opening a new bar , filming for Bev Hills and  a second season of Vanderpump Rules. Gossip online and in the magazines fueled the fire and there were lies, accusations, tears and fights. Brandi allegedly found out from a mutual friend that Lisa may have known about Eddie cheating with Scheana Marie long before she claimed to have which was during filming last season. ( Scheana has worked for Lisa for five years and is now a Vanderpump Rules cast member good friends with Pandora Lisa's daughter ) This caused Brandi to say some scathing things about Lisa in turn...Ultimately The drama came to a head on a trip that Joyce arranged to Puerto Rico which occurred sadly after her father passed. Besides Brandi, most of the other ladies also all seemed to have a bone to pick with Lisa from Kim who felt Lisa was dismissive towards her, Yolanda who felt like Lisa was a " Hollywood" friend and not a real friend, and Kyle who felt that Lisa was still holding a grudge from last season causing Lisa to " Punish her". Yolanda recovering from a flare up with Lyme disease that she was just getting through as filming began, became a closer friend to Brandi who was dealing with issues from her ex, to a break in to a rocky relationship with her father. We also saw a more confident and out spoken Kim Richards who made us laugh and agree with her when she was the new voice of reason. The season was peppered with a few laughs but mostly we saw the ladies arguing every chance they got  ( especially at group dinners ) and as Yolanda said the dynamics of the group changed. Kyle became upset with Lisa again when Brandi alleged that Lisa told her to bring a tabloid in her suitcase that claimed Mauricio was unfaithful to her on their trip with the group to Palm Springs which Lisa denied ever happening. This was brought up on the Puerto Rico trip along with several issues the resulted in Lisa leaving the conversation in tears.
The subject came up again on the trip at a group dinner and a  heated debate ensued resulting in a fight between the cast and the Vanderpump -Todds.
With only a few episodes left and the reunion already filmed fans are excited to see how the season will end and how the reunion will play out...the way I see's not over until the pink lady sings. Until next time Xx Billy Charles

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Real Amanda Bertoncini from Princesses of Long Island

The Fierce and Real Amanda Bertoncini 
I recently had the chance to chat with the fun and fabulous Amanda Bertoncini CEO and founder of  the product " Drink Hanky" . She is also one of the stars of  Bravo television's break out shows Princesses Of Long Island. Despite misconceptions and the connotations that come along with having a label such as princess ...Amanda, as I found out, proved to be anything but! She is a hardworking, fun loving entrepreneur and above all else...she is real. What you see is what you get and Amanda wouldn't want it any other way!
Get to know her the way I see it as she answers my questions below! Xx Billy Charles
  What is your full name ?Amanda Anne Bertoncini

What is your nationality? Italian and Greek. 100% Jewish 

Where did you grow up? Born in  Forest Hills, NY moved to Great Neck, NY when I was 7 years old. I attended Saddle Rock elementary school and Great Neck South Middle School & High School. Graduated from Hunter College in Manhattan. 

When and how did you come up with the idea for your product Drink Hanky and tell my readers what it is!
The Drink Hanky is what our team likes to call, beverage couture. It is a fashionable sleeve for hot or cold drinks. I  love iced coffee even in the winter. With the Drink Hanky your hands won't become numb from the cold, it prevents rings on your desk and cup holder, as well as being a fun  fashion statement. Bring your Drink Hanky's to the gym, parties and even as house warming gifts. 

WORK! Drink Hanky!

I started The Drink Hanky website in November of 2011, which after creating the patent, was finally ready for its introduction. Before it's first production,  I would paste napkins together with scotch tape and make my own sleeve for drinks. That would fall apart after 30 minutes! With my partners, we created a box-like figure on the bottom of each Hanky so that it  will stand even without liquid in the cup or bottle. Each Drink Hanky also has elastic now for a better fit. 

Where would you like to see your brand go in a few years from now?   
I would like to sell The Drink Hanky to top retailers such as Bloomingdale's, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond as well as sports arenas and theaters. 

How did you end up on Bravo TV's Princesses of Long Island? Has it been good for your business? 

Amanda and her fellow Princesses

 Our production company is from Long Island and was privy to our group of girls. They pitched it  to bravo and what a ride  that has been! Even though I always said "where are the cameras for this?!" during dramatic situations I never thought that would actually happen. From the show my company, The Drink Hanky was able to find two terrific partners to take the business to the next level. I am beyond grateful. 

What surprised you the most about filming a Reality Show?   

The way people automatically think they know who you are. I have worked since I am 13 years old and there is nothing spoiled about me. Also how people thought Jeff was gay! Wow that could not be further from the truth! 

Describe your style to me and how do you feel about the Lady GaGa comparisons?   

Va Va Va Voom!

The " Ga-Ga-esque" Amanda B
I am Obsessed with Lady Gaga!
So keep 'em coming! I have loved her since she had brown hair and would perform at dive bars on the lower east side. We are both an Aries. Her birthday is March 28, 1986 and mine is March 31, 1986. We look alike, I am obsessed with fashion and we both can have dirty minds ha! People even say we talk alike. I was mistaken for Gaga while pumpkin picking with Jeff at Hicks farm. I was taking pictures with fellow long islanders who watched Princesses and this woman literally thought I was Gaga. I kept telling her "no" but she didn't speak English. I thought to myself, 'ok well make her day then!' I have always had my own style which is very bohemian and vintage. I love pairing things together that people don't necessary think of.
Any news with your beau Jeff yet as far as being engaged? 

Amanda and her beau Jeff 

Not engaged yet but still very much in love! It is our 2 year anniversary February 1st. 2 years exactly since the day we met on the Long Island Rail Road!

Which girls are you the closet with on the show ? 

Amanda and Joey

I am the closest with Joey. She is absolutely hysterical, witty, and a true genuine friend. She will say things to my face if I need to hear the hard truth and vise versa. That's what real friends do. 

Your Mom seems really fun and down to earth in which ways has she influenced you?   

My mom and I grew up together. She is amazing! She has always been very maternal and close to me. She once said this piece of information to me and I never forgot it. "Never rely on anyone but yourself". She helped make me the mature, independent, and compassionate woman I am today

Give me 5 Turn ons/offs: 

Turn on's  - kisses on the neck- when Jeff is strong but sensitive- honesty - well dressed - wit  
Turn off's - overbearing people - fake people - pretentious people-liars- B.O

Thank you so much for being REAL and please tell my  readers where they can find the fabulous  Drink Hanky? ...and I still want one with Skulls for my scotch glass...
I am obsessed with skulls so I will make that happen for sure! Your readers can purchase Drink Hanky in a  2, 4 or 5 pack today at... and also on Amazon!

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