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Monday, March 24, 2014

Gina Cutillo... Behind The Music!

Gina Cutillo is getting ready for world domination! Already a well established  singer, songwriter and recording artist  ( resume includes songs on Nickelodeon, MLB baseball, FOOD Network and Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network just to name a few ) she has recently decided to add television host to her list of titles. Gina is currently starring in a weekly entertainment show named after herself  which is airing live weekly on make no mistake she is still all about the music! Now more than ever! Getting ready to release a new album and  also having recently taken on the role of wife and new mother,  Gina has redefined herself and what her artistry means to her...  through the joy that this new challenge has brought to her life ( and career )  there have also been some growing pains along the way . Gina however takes them in stride and knows that life isn't always roses and daisies. Gina tells me that its in these times we can learn and evolve which she has done seemingly effortlessly. It's in these peaks and valleys that Gina was able to channel her triumphs and tribulations into her writing.
 Gina's magnetism is undeniable and this comes through in her performances be it in concert or while hosting her show. Gina possesses a sharp wit and is natural funny in an organic way which isn't easy to come by these days. There is also her artistic side which comes through in an array of emotions conveyed in her writing as well as  in the way she sings her songs. Recently I had the privilege  to go " Behind The Music"  picking  her sexy brain to ask the questions that many of her fans want the answers to! 
So " Let's Go! " ... kick back and relax getting to know Gina Cutillo the way I see it Xx Billy Charles 

" Behind The Scenes" on a Gina Cutillo and co photo shoot !

BC: I hear your working on a new album... what is the vibe with the sound? Is there a title yet that you can share with my readers? 

GC: The vibe is sexy. Its also fun and artistic at times. There's one song that will be on the album called "Pop Hysteria" that I fully wrote over a beat box. Very artistic and fun. I wasn't worried about creating huge hooks and big choruses. Funny thing it's super hooky and super catchy!!! I don't have a title yet. But the running joke is "Gina Cutillo at 128 BPM" a few songs are set in 128 BPM (beats per measure) - but I will name the album when all the songs are completed. I like the album title to encompass the overall statement of my songs. 

BC: How will the new songs be different from your previous recordings? 

GC: Well I'm in a different place in my life so that will always be portrayed in my music. I almost want to say more reflective so far. Tempos are a little slower on some.  As for the writing process I started with researching and choosing some really interesting synth sounds influenced from Sweden. I also did some lyric writing first too on a couple which is very unlike my process. 

BC: How has being a mother influenced your writing or you as an artist? 

Gina and her son Cole

GC: Becoming a mother is something that changes and rocks your world like no other. Nothing can prepare you for this type of change. So at first I wasn't even writing too busy having late night feeding sessions with the little guy. Lol But then it all just sorta " bursted " bursted out! I also think this is where the reflective part of my current songs are coming from. You think harder as a mother which has made me love harder as a person. 

BC: What are some new goals that you would like to achieve regarding your career? 

GC: My goals have always been the same. #1 hit. Grammy. World Tour. These types of goals will drive you to success every time. And insanity.. ;) 

BC: Who are you digging right now on today's music scene? 

GC: I'm a huge lover of music. I'm always listening to pop radio. I like to hear what's happening and I have always loved nice commercial sing along songs. I'm also digging into my archives listening to some Sheryl Crow, Oasis and Goldfrapp lately. 
Ellie Goulding is super special and talented, I'm enjoying her a lot. 

Gina with her long time friend and guitarist Ron Labriola

BC: What advice would today's Gina Cutillo give a younger Gina just starting out? 

GC: Don't be so stubborn! Yes Billy I was more stubborn in the past then I am now. Lol Also let go of things that aren't working a lot quicker. 

BC: Describe your creative process and the way you write...

GC: Hmm... usually I feel this jolt of inspiration like the song is already there inside and has decided this is the day it's coming out. Something like going into labor. I run to my MAC open up a protools session and start recording. Sometimes I will write a beat 1st or as I said lately it's been a synth part then start singing away to a melody that just comes out. I will then break out my guitar so on and so forth. Come to think of it - it's very similar to birth minus the intense pains.  haha unless you delete a whole writing session like I did once. Which left me on the floor curled up crying like a baby... yea that was painful. 

BC: What are some  of the things that inspire you in your creative process? 

GC: People I'm surrounded by. The love I'm feeling for someone. The experiences I have had and am having. Music on the radio. 

Craig, Cole and Gina

Gina and her husband Craig

BC: What is an average day like for you? 

GC: A whirlwind of very different events. I go from feeding my son breakfast to answering business calls to showing my son how to play with puzzles to my laptop with a new song I'm working on. Sometimes it's very busy but I choose for it to be. I do take down time too, it's very necessary. 

BC: If you had a dream vacation what would you be doing and where would you go? 

GC: I take dream vacations haha - My husband and I love to travel and have been to many Caribbean Islands. St Lucia was my favorite. We also have been to Belize, the Mayan Ruins were amazing. My other favorite outside of Caribbean was England. It's been a couple of years since we have had a proper vacation so this December we are going away. The baby will be almost 3 so we are ready to show him the beauty of blue waters and white sand. I'd like to go to Hawaii. And of course Italy is a must! 

Gina Cutillo and the men behind the music her band...

BC:Tell my readers what's coming up next for Gina Cutillo.... 

GC: I will be releasing my next single "Fly (Feel Love Tonight)" which will coincide with a video that I am shooting as we speak. This song is a #1 hit. I sing it and tear up almost every time.  I'm also performing at some festivals this summer with my band: Ron Labriola, Zeke Zuclich and John Von on May 3rd Popfest at Dewey Beach, DE. Also playing Jersey Shore Festival May 17th and several others so be sure to hit up for more updates!

Please follow Gina Cutillo on Twitter @GinaCutillo and click the photo above to go to her reverb nation music page!

For booking info contact

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ashley Parris talks Music With BCNY All The Way From The UK!

Ashley Parris or just call him Pa
Recently Ashley Parris has been tearing it up on the UK music scene and is now preparing to go international with his latest collaboration accompanied by  Texas based rapper Ronnie Millionz...all at the ripe ol' age of 22! Ashley's positive energy and smooth voice are contagious and I am sure we are going to be hearing a lot more from him! I was very excited that Parris took the time away from  his busy schedule to fill me in on what he has been up too as well as  what is coming next for this music maven! 

BCNY : State your full name and who you like to be known as..
AP: Ashley Ivor Parris but people call me Parris or Pa

BCNY: Where are you from?
AP:  I'm  from Cardiff in Wales but have recently moved to London in England (UK)

BCNY: How old are you?
AP: 22

BCNY: How long have you been making Music and writing songs?
AP: Since I was around 18. I started producing my own beats for fun and then went to music college from there. It was at music college where I started to write and sing more. I mostly only write and sing now but I also love opportunities where I get to co produce other projects!

BCNY: How would you describe your sound?
AP: Alternative R&B I think sounds about right but if I was to compare myself with other artists sounds I would say I have a Drake, Weekend, Miguel,  Frank Ocean vibe.

Studio Time

BCNY: What are some of the things you draw your inspirations from?
AP: A lot of my songs are written from personal experiences but I also love to put myself in other peoples shoes and try and see things from their perspective...sometimes it can get emotional as you have to convince yourself  you have experienced the subject/topic.

BCNY: Tell me about what you are working on currently?
AP: I have just finished a joint e.p with an American based rapper from Texas called Ronnie Millionz (@TheRMillionz). The E.P is due to be released in a few weeks. The E.P has an American vibe to it mixing rap and RnB vocals, we've tried to mix it up a lil by putting a dance RnB track on there while keeping to our chilled out meaningful roots.
I am also in the middle of writing my solo E.P which I have 4  and a half tracks for at the moment. It is slightly different to my debut mixture that I released  in august (The Old Me) as it's less about  relationships and aimed at wider situations we face daily as beings, release date will be around February.

BCNY: Where would you like your music to take you career wise?
AP: My aim is to be in the entertainment industry but the dream would be a singer and songwriter although I would just as happily settle for just song writer as that's where my main passion lies. If not, Sainsbury's (grocery store) wasn't so bad  (both laugh)

BCNY: Tell me about your release " The Old Me " and how that came about ...
AP: The Old Me is the name of my debut mix tape which I released in August. It tells the story of  failed passed relationships from beginning, middle to end.  I had a lot of the songs for over a year some even 2 years but felt like I couldn't waste the material, it didn't deserve to be binned although the reason for writing a lot of the tracks on it weren't a factor anymore. The mix tape was initially supposed to be called "Pillow Talk" but after discussing with my good friend Dan,  how the tracks were old and not emotionally relevant, that the mix tape was "the old me",  Dan stopped me and said " call it The Old Me then". so I did. The mixture is mainly pure R&B bus has hints of my new found style in there.

BCNY: You have done a lot of collaborations which has been your favorite and why?
AP:Wow ( laughs)  that is tricky, my fave would have to be the track I did with Ronnie Millionz called "Open your eyes" purely because of how random the collab was but then again Laura Wolfie jumping on "OverDosed" and that was real random too! Also Diamond jumping on " Living for today" so it's kind of a terrible answer! ( laughing) 

BCNY:What do you want your fans to know about who you are as an artist?
AP: I am always smiling. If  I'm not then there's something up.As an artist if I could write music everyday I would.  I'm inspired by everything I see and everyone... so if you do some crazy shit in front of me you might make it on a track ha!

BCNY:  Please give my readers 5 turn ons / 5 turn offs...

AP: Turn ons:  Eyes, women's bums, pizza lover (pepperoni is a must) , being cute and some good old banter !
Turn offs: BBQ based pizza (including but not limited to sweetcorn, pineapple and onions), someone  who is too organized, people who worry about simple stuff , people who don't love food and liars!

BCNY:  Thank you for giving me the scoop pa! 
AP: ( laughing ) Pleasure was all mine BC and thank you for featuring me on your site! 

BCNY: Anytime! I look forward to your new release! Where can my readers find you and your music?

AP: My mixture is on dat-piff and band camp and you can connect with me on the following links...

My Official  website is under construction but will be going live in around two weeks which is:

Twitter : @ParrisMusicFFM

Facebook: Parris Music

Instagram: @ParrisMusicFFM

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Check Out My Latest Interview In The Wave Entertainment Magazine!

You can check out my latest interview that I did for The Wave Entertainment Magazine here! I want to sincerely thank Editor Sean LeBreeze for giving me the opportunity to be heard Xx Billy Charles

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         The Wave Entertainment Magazine

Monday, September 30, 2013

Billy Charles Fame Whore on CDBABY!

Please download my new dance song Fame Whore produced by Waails

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hubby and I celebrate at The Fame Whore Release Party! 

Thank you everyone!!! My song Fame Whore  produced by Waails has reached the top 25 in Dance/Pop on Amazon!!!! Thank you for all the support... you all rock the way I see it!!!!
 Xx BillyCharles


                    Jose aka " The Gay Beaner" Reviews my song ": Fame Whore ' on youtube!

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My New Song Fame Whore Is On iTunes For Download!!!

My new song produced by Waails is available for purchase today on iTunes and wherever electronic music is sold! Thank you to everyone who has already downloaded it and thank you for your support! 
There is a contest here
to win a signed hardcopy so check it out!!!
Xx Billy Charles 

" Lights , Camera , Action the world is your stage! Everybody's looking at you're all the rage! Everybody wants to see you, everybody wants to be you yeah! Your a Fame Whore " Fame Whore written Billy Charles***e/id692010362?i=692011034

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Billy Charles Fame Whore Release Party Was A Success!

Musician and Talk Show Host Gina Cutillo, Billy Charles, and CEO and Host of Beauty Kitchen HeatherMarianna 

The Release Party for my new song Fame Whore as well as my 40th birthday was held in Utica NY 
(  my hometown )  on Saturday  September 14th, 2013 at local area nightclub and hot spot STRUT owned by George Heath and Wade McCrite . On the scene was musician and host of The Gina Show on Gina Cutillo and CEO of Beauty Kicthen , host and actress Heather Marianna. The producer of  FameWhore   Anthony " Waails" Bianco and Graphic Designer of the CD Jen Vella Dougherty were in attendance as well.
Heather Marianna flew all the way from Las Vegas to show her support of me and my song  and Gina drove all the way from Long Island to surprise me! I was surrounded by family and friends as we celebrated the release of my new song Fame Whore late into the night which comes out on iTunes on my real birthday September 18th! 

Party Favors

My bestie Jen from
Anthony ' Waails" Bianco and my sister Christina Piperata
My good friend Carrie Austin Coromato and I 

A fun time was had by all who attended and I was grateful to everyone that came out to show their support of Fame Whore and to wish me a happy birthday! Dee Jay Serena Eberly played Fame Whore and many  hot tracks that kept the party at STRUT going all night. Local photographer Sus Purpura was on hand to capture all the moments as we danced the night away! Heather brought custom Beauty Kitchen Fame Whore bath bombs that she will be selling on www.HeatherMarianna.TV/shop 

" Fame Whore" peppermint bath bombs from Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna

Anthony's Limo Service from Rome NY and Custom Fame Whore shirts by Bling Is The new Black 

Everyone looked their best and we wore customed made shirts from Bling Is The New Black ! They are available at

My brother Dominick Piperata and his wife Shannon

My father Bill Piperata SR, my Mom Nancy Mazza Piperata, family friend Amy Scales and my husband Scott Greenwood.
Dave Buck  ( security / my sister's boyfriend) and my sister Christina Piperata
My bestie Heather Mariann and I xoxoxoox
Gina Cutillo , me , and my friend Sean Farell 
The infamous Jaye " Lana" Asaro was on the scene!
Special moment with my sister Christina Piperata
Husby and CD photographer Scott Greenwood and I with " champs"

My amazing cousin Angela Spina Greco, " Lana" and my mother who I adore Nancy Mazza Piperata
Rocking out to " Fame Whore" 
Shannon Piperata, Jen Doughrtey , Me , and Carrie Austin Coromato
Thank you to everyone for all your support and birhday wishes and please download my new song
 " Fame Whore" produced by Waails everywhere electronic music is sold on 9:18:13!!!!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

My New Song Fame Whore Produced by Waails Is Being Played On Rave Cave Radio!

Fame Whore written by Billy Charles Produced by Waails 

Thank you to Rave Cave Radio for playing and supporting my new song Fame Whore! The song can be heard here!!!

About Music Radio Network from their site:

" Welcome to The Music Radio Network! This site is home to 2 great internet radio stations! The stations that call this site home are The Mixed Hitz Channel and The Rave Cave! All of our stations are commercial free 24/7! Enjoy!
The Mixed Hitz Channel - Is a station that plays a mixture of Alternative, Rock, Indie and Adult Contemporary music. This station is all about VARIETY. The music is hand picked for your enjoyment! Enjoy the variety hits it plays commercial free 24/7!
Rave Cave - Is a station that plays EDM, Trance, Dubstep and House music back to back, it's the perfect dance/club/chill radio station! Enjoy all this commercial free 24 "

They allow artists to submit their music on the site as well!


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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fame Whore Makes Debut At Luxor Pool Party Hosted By Heather Marianna For Vegas Gay Days !

Host Heather Marinna with models at Luxor Pool Party Vegas Gay Days!

Heather Marianna creator of  " Beauty Kitchen" hosted a pool party at The Luxor Hotel and Casino for the second annual Vegas Gay Days today! Heather, in between swim suit changes, worked the crowd like a pro and made sure that a great time was had by all! There were swag bags given out and attendees received all natural spa products by Beauty Kitchen found at , Bombshell Beauty by Sheri Morgan , full sized samples ,  clothing , and Fame Whore CD singles  by Billy Charles! 

                 Steve Erics Gay Days Entertainment Director

Steve Erics is the entertainment director for Gay Days and a long time friend of Heather Marianna and team up couldn't have been anymore successful! 

Heather with our friends Bo and Toby!
Guests with Fame Whore CDs by Billy Charles!

Hey Mr DJ Play my song!

You can listen to my new song " Fame Whore" before the release on 9:18:13
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