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Monday, November 18, 2013

Ashley Parris talks Music With BCNY All The Way From The UK!

Ashley Parris or just call him Pa
Recently Ashley Parris has been tearing it up on the UK music scene and is now preparing to go international with his latest collaboration accompanied by  Texas based rapper Ronnie Millionz...all at the ripe ol' age of 22! Ashley's positive energy and smooth voice are contagious and I am sure we are going to be hearing a lot more from him! I was very excited that Parris took the time away from  his busy schedule to fill me in on what he has been up too as well as  what is coming next for this music maven! 

BCNY : State your full name and who you like to be known as..
AP: Ashley Ivor Parris but people call me Parris or Pa

BCNY: Where are you from?
AP:  I'm  from Cardiff in Wales but have recently moved to London in England (UK)

BCNY: How old are you?
AP: 22

BCNY: How long have you been making Music and writing songs?
AP: Since I was around 18. I started producing my own beats for fun and then went to music college from there. It was at music college where I started to write and sing more. I mostly only write and sing now but I also love opportunities where I get to co produce other projects!

BCNY: How would you describe your sound?
AP: Alternative R&B I think sounds about right but if I was to compare myself with other artists sounds I would say I have a Drake, Weekend, Miguel,  Frank Ocean vibe.

Studio Time

BCNY: What are some of the things you draw your inspirations from?
AP: A lot of my songs are written from personal experiences but I also love to put myself in other peoples shoes and try and see things from their perspective...sometimes it can get emotional as you have to convince yourself  you have experienced the subject/topic.

BCNY: Tell me about what you are working on currently?
AP: I have just finished a joint e.p with an American based rapper from Texas called Ronnie Millionz (@TheRMillionz). The E.P is due to be released in a few weeks. The E.P has an American vibe to it mixing rap and RnB vocals, we've tried to mix it up a lil by putting a dance RnB track on there while keeping to our chilled out meaningful roots.
I am also in the middle of writing my solo E.P which I have 4  and a half tracks for at the moment. It is slightly different to my debut mixture that I released  in august (The Old Me) as it's less about  relationships and aimed at wider situations we face daily as beings, release date will be around February.

BCNY: Where would you like your music to take you career wise?
AP: My aim is to be in the entertainment industry but the dream would be a singer and songwriter although I would just as happily settle for just song writer as that's where my main passion lies. If not, Sainsbury's (grocery store) wasn't so bad  (both laugh)

BCNY: Tell me about your release " The Old Me " and how that came about ...
AP: The Old Me is the name of my debut mix tape which I released in August. It tells the story of  failed passed relationships from beginning, middle to end.  I had a lot of the songs for over a year some even 2 years but felt like I couldn't waste the material, it didn't deserve to be binned although the reason for writing a lot of the tracks on it weren't a factor anymore. The mix tape was initially supposed to be called "Pillow Talk" but after discussing with my good friend Dan,  how the tracks were old and not emotionally relevant, that the mix tape was "the old me",  Dan stopped me and said " call it The Old Me then". so I did. The mixture is mainly pure R&B bus has hints of my new found style in there.

BCNY: You have done a lot of collaborations which has been your favorite and why?
AP:Wow ( laughs)  that is tricky, my fave would have to be the track I did with Ronnie Millionz called "Open your eyes" purely because of how random the collab was but then again Laura Wolfie jumping on "OverDosed" and that was real random too! Also Diamond jumping on " Living for today" so it's kind of a terrible answer! ( laughing) 

BCNY:What do you want your fans to know about who you are as an artist?
AP: I am always smiling. If  I'm not then there's something up.As an artist if I could write music everyday I would.  I'm inspired by everything I see and everyone... so if you do some crazy shit in front of me you might make it on a track ha!

BCNY:  Please give my readers 5 turn ons / 5 turn offs...

AP: Turn ons:  Eyes, women's bums, pizza lover (pepperoni is a must) , being cute and some good old banter !
Turn offs: BBQ based pizza (including but not limited to sweetcorn, pineapple and onions), someone  who is too organized, people who worry about simple stuff , people who don't love food and liars!

BCNY:  Thank you for giving me the scoop pa! 
AP: ( laughing ) Pleasure was all mine BC and thank you for featuring me on your site! 

BCNY: Anytime! I look forward to your new release! Where can my readers find you and your music?

AP: My mixture is on dat-piff and band camp and you can connect with me on the following links...

My Official  website is under construction but will be going live in around two weeks which is:

Twitter : @ParrisMusicFFM

Facebook: Parris Music

Instagram: @ParrisMusicFFM

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Understated IS Overrated...Meet Mercedes Javid from Bravo TV's Shahs of Sunset!

Mercedes Javid on the prowl to a television near you soon...

Mercedes Javid taking center stage in The Shahs of Sunset Season 3 promo Video

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with the beautiful Mercedes Javid from Bravo TV's The Shahs of Sunset. This opportunity couldn't have came at a more  perfect time because season three of Shahs will be airing soon ( This week on  Tuesday November fifth )  and I will be recapping each episode live weekly on The Gina Show  with host Gina Cutillo Wednesdays 11 am EST on Reality Reel. I have been following Shahs Of Sunset and the cast since the first season and have been talking with Mercedes ( or as her friends call her MJ ) on and off for awhile now. She participated in my fundraiser to raise money and awareness  for Hurricane Sandy victims last year. It just so happened that we both had the time to finally sit and talk and get to know each other.  I was honored for her to share insights into her life with me and she even gave me some much needed advice regarding mine. Mercedes has always been known as the party girl of the group however I learned there is so much more to her than that. She shared with me the things that she has been through which have shaped her, how she feels about being on a reality television show and what motivates her to do what she does as far as being an astute business woman in the real estate world.

 She also put many rumors to rest regarding The Shahs of Sunset and gave me a glimpse behind the scenes. For instance I brought up the introduction of new cast member Lily Galichi last season and the way viewers perceived her behavior towards Lily  to be what they thought of as " jealous". Mercedes didn't waste any time setting the record straight and letting me know that wasn't the case. Mercedes and cast member Reza Farahan had been friends for many years and really know one and other having a " sister/brotherly" relationship as she put it to me. When Lily stepped on to the scene none of the cast knew her and the fast friendship between Reza and Lily put Mercedes on alert...a natural instinct when one feels protective of a friend and doesn't quite know a strangers actual intentions. A wall went up so to speak because due to the arena that they are in you never know who you can trust or not and Mercedes tells me she would rather have a couple of really good friends than a ton of acquaintances. She did say that next time around she would give it a better go in the same situation but also let me know that we as viewers only see a small part of what is filmed and that scene at the dinner didn't show most of things that caused her to react the way that she did.
 Mercedes is a Leo and like her sign she told me she is fiercely loyal when it comes to friendships that she holds in high regards.She also put to rest that she has any feelings towards Reza other than  friend and that she views him as a brother assuring me she  knows he is gay and as fabulous as he is she doesn't want to marry him. She did say she is a supporter of marriage equality and hopes to see her friend have the wedding of his dreams someday if that would make him happy. This was all done in a light hearted spirit and what you see on the show is what I received in our conversation. She spoke of Reza in the highest regards acknowledging their recent ( last season ) shaky past.

Mercedes and Reza how we like to see them together...smiling

Mercedes has closed the George Khouri chapter for good.

I also asked her about George Khouri   " The Persian Drake" who she was notoriously dating last season  and their status. She was happy to say that they are no longer together ( you do the math ) and although she wishes him the best they have not remained in contact.

Mercedes and her mother Vida last season
The Fab Dr Michelle Golland

 I also brought up Dr Michelle Golland and wondered where her relationship with her mother Vida was at now. From what I gathered we may not be seeing Dr Michelle return this season but we both agreed that we thought she should have her own show and Mercedes told me she still talks with her when she needs to ...almost like a life coach. She also told me that her relationship with her Mom is a work in progress and that are on the road to a better understanding of each other. Like every relationship these things do not happen overnight and Mercedes is well aware what issues she comes with and what part her feelings towards  her Mom affect their dynamic. I also asked her where she stood with particular cast members and if we will be seeing Sammy Younai return for season three and although she can't tell me for sure with editing being what it is she hopes so. She was happy to say that at this point in time Reza and her relationship is coming full circle after both being in places of change and self discovery.

Who is friends this season and who isn't ? Tune in! 

Mercedes Javid and " Persian Pop Priestess" Asa Soltan

Mercedes Javid and Golnessa Gharachedaghi

 I was surprised to learn of new friendships that were formed and some that have dissolved but I will not go into details the season has to play out and there are contractual obligations. I brought up the new trailor for the show and the trip and she was a part of that but I can not  go into detail here either other than to say that for her and many of the cast of Shahs of Sunset it was  " life changing". We  talked about her business and being a top realtor and  what motivates her to be successful. She is a hard worker and is driven to be self reliable and independent which allows a freedom you can not get when you depend on another. I admire her work smarter not harder approach to life and job.We also discussed her fur babies Pablo and Julio and the similarities we share in certain aspects. She was also kind enough to give me some encouraging words regarding issues that I had been having. Overall I left the conversation feeling that I had a friend and that's what is endearing about MJ she draws you in and doesn't tell you what you want to hear rather the way it is my opinion  that's a class act! Be sure to tune in to the new season of The Shahs of Sunset on Bravo TV weekly starting November 5th and follow Mercedes (  and the cast ) on Twitter !